Best antivirus for work and home

Best antivirus for work and home

You know you need an anti-virus to protect your computer but how do you choose the right one?

Anti- virus for business

Cyber attacks are an increasingly common and costly threat for businesses. All businesses need an IT team that takes their security seriously. Neglecting cyber security in your business can result in significant downtime, loss of revenue, interruption of workflows and disgruntled employees. At BG Technology we recommend Barkly for all of our business clients. Barkly provides advanced endpoint security, combining the strongest protection with the smartest technology. It stays a step ahead of threats and maximizes efficacy for organisations. BG Technology IT consultants constantly monitor the platform. The system is extremely strict and doesn’t take risks. If it detects a possible virus it will stop it from running and notify us to unblock it only if it is safe.

Anti-virus for home

There are many free anti-virus products available for your home computers however we recommend you use a full anti virus suite. You will have to pay for it but these systems are ridiculously cheap and will offer much better protection. The free versions are OK but as a general rule you get what you pay for. If you don’t value your data or computer, use a free anti-virus product but be prepared to pay more if you do run into a problem be prepared for it to cost you more to get fixed. If you are looking for an anti-virus for use on your home computer we also recommend Barkly. Check out this article for info on the best antivirus suites available.

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