What laptop should I buy?

What laptop should I buy?

Great question! Buying a new laptop can be confusing. There are endless options to choose from at various price points. If the laptop is for work purposes ask your tech team for some helpful tips, they’ll help narrow down your options based on your specific work requirements. If the laptop is for personal use here are 3 of the most basic things to look out for;

  • Ram

As a minimum look for a laptop with 8GB of RAM or more.  RAM is where data is stored before processing. 8GB of RAM will allow you to carry out basic everyday applications like Chrome, Adobe, Outlook with ease.The more RAM your laptop has the more you can do and the more applications can be run at the same time. If you are going to be using your laptop for photo editing, video editing or gaming it is worth looking at options with greater than 8GB RAM as these applications are much more demanding.

  • CPU

The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the brains of your computer. When choosing a laptop, you need to pick the CPU that is best suited to what you intend to use the computer for.

Intel’s Core brand is the most popular. The best CPU for you depends on what you will be using the laptop for and your budget. An 8th Generation Intel Core i5 CPU is the ideal starting point if you’re looking for a mainstream laptop at a reasonable price. Each progressive Intel Core version will cost more but will come with added benefits of improved speed and performance.

  • HD Display

Screen display is important to consider when shopping for your new laptop. If you plan to use your laptop for visual tasks like photo editing, gaming or video editing, you will appreciate a higher quality screen.

Screen size: If you’re after a portable, easy to carry laptop and will only be using it for basic tasks a smaller 13 inch screen size is your best option. If you’re after a laptop for gaming or performance go for a larger screen size of 15 or more inches.


Below are the common options you’ll have to choose from. The greater the screen quality the more you can expect to pay.

3840 x 2160 – Ultra HD

1920 x 1080 – Full HD

1280 x 720 – HD

Before shopping for a laptop it’s worth having a quick chat with an IT professional. They’ll give you the right specs to look out for based on your budget and help you avoid being sold something that’s not right for you.  Get in touch with the BG Technology team here.