Meet the Team

BG Tech’s vision is to make technology simple. We employ 10 of the highest skilled and talented professionals on the Sunshine Coast. Delivering a wide range of services, we are; innovation consultants, security engineers, online strategists, digital marketing specialists and business analysts.

Gordon McGregor, Director

Gordon is focused on the convergence of Information Technology & Marketing, dedicated to mastering the art of using cloud computing to market and scale your business. He brings a practical understanding of operating and marketing a business with a history of consulting across many industries. 


Simon Budden, General Manager

This 6 ft 6, IT wizard has worked in the IT industry for 15 years and is experienced in all areas of IT Business Solutions. Simon has helped countless small business owners successfully design and develop optimal performing computer systems, allowing them to achieve their business and personal goals. Imagine how well your business would perform if it wasn’t constricted by an outdated or non performing IT system.

Joshua Husband, IT Engineer

Josh has been working in the IT industry for 4 years. He began working for a few small businesses while still in high school! He is a pro at software development and enjoys helping business owners turn boring, repetitive paper based tasks into functioning web platforms. He also has a YouTube video with over 1 million + views and loves a good game of dungeons and dragons.

Braydon Genrich, IT Engineer

The youngest and newest member of the BG Tech team! Braydon is passionate about digital design and expanding his knowledge and skills on all things tech.

Sean Brassington, Digital Marketing Manager

Digital marketing manager and web developer extraordinaire. Brass has over 10 years experience  in various marketing and web development roles. An expert in SEO, social media, pay per click advertising, email marketing campaigns and web development, he can help your business uncover the best digital strategies to grow and achieve your business goals. He loves a good nerf gun war and taught himself to fluently speak Italian.

Sean Brass