Don’t respond to this threatening email scam

Don’t respond to this threatening email scam

Here’s an email scam doing the rounds. It’s a threatening email, warning the reader they’ve been caught on camera ‘‘playing with their stuff’ and if they don’t pay up, the compromising video will be sent to their contact list.

Below is a copy of the abrupt email doing the rounds. If you do receive this email or a similar version delete it straight away, notify your tech team and do not click on any links or reply with any details.

Scam Email Copy:


Hope you actually do not care about my english grammar, since i am from Philippines. I contaminated your machine with a malware and now have all of your private files from your computer system.

It previously was mounted on an adult web site and after that you’ve chosen the video and clicked on it, my program instantly got into your computer.

Afterward, your cam recorded you playing with your stuff, on top of that i caught a movie that you have seen.

Immediately after a while this also picked up every one of your social contact list. If you ever wish me to get rid of your everything i currently have – give me 580 eu in bitcoin it is a crypto-currency.

At this point you will have 25hrs. to decide Immediately after i will get the transfer i am going to get rid of this video and every thing completely. Otherwise, please be sure that the evidence would be submitted to all of your friends.

What to do if you receive a threatening email like this:

The biggest giveaway that this email is indeed a scam is the poor English and grammar.

If you do receive this email or something similar, don’t panic. Never give money, bank account or credit card details or other personal information to anyone you don’t know or trust – and never by email or over the phone. Don’t open suspicious texts, pop-up windows or emails and don’t click on links or open attachments – just delete them.

If you have concerns about your email security, get in touch with the BG Technology team here.