The true cost of a ransomware infection

The true cost of a ransomware infection

What would be the true cost to your business if you were the target of a ransomware infection and how long would it take to fully recover?

Who’s at risk?

If you have an email address and you check it regularly on a PC, laptop, smartphone or iPad then you are at risk. This is because most ransomware infections are deployed via emails purporting to be from someone ‘official’. You open the email unsuspectingly, open the attachment and BANG, you’ve been infected.

What happens when you’ve been infected?

Case Study: Late last year a business owner noticed that a lot of the files on his server drive suddenly had .ENCRYPTED at the end of their name and he was unable to open them. Then there was a  web page style pop up that advised him of the infection and how to buy the unlock key in bitcoin.

What the ransomware infection cost this business

Once the system was fully recovered from the most recent hourly backup, taken just before the staff member opened THAT email, we discussed the actual cost to his business.

  1. $600 per hour during the downtime period in wages alone as staff were unable to work for most of a day
  2. Lost sales during that day as some clients could not be serviced and so went to a competitor
  3. Lost productivity for a few days afterwards whilst the staff struggled to catch up with the extra workload of having that downtime
  4. The bill from their IT company to repair the situation and recover their data – Lucky they KNEW their backups were working
  5. Finally, to rub salt into the wound a delivery company had lost a $10K pallet of stock that a vendor sent them and they had lost the record of the transaction and it took almost 4 weeks for that to be found and delivered to them

 Understand the risks

I implore all business owners to spend a few minutes and look at what a ransomware infection like this might cost your business. It can happen to anyone at anytime.  Ensure you’re business has as much protection in place as possible, or at least ensure you fully understand and accept the risk you are taking if you don’t protect your business.

Have a chat to your IT technician if you have any questions or concerns.