Why email spam filtering is essential

Why email spam filtering is essential

Millions of emails get sent on the daily and 86 per cent of them are spam. Spam emails are like the unwanted junk mail that clutters your letterbox except spam emails can be far more dangerous. Cybercriminals use spam emails to conduct fraudulent activity or spread malware and viruses. All businesses need a good spam filtering system in place to protect employees and important business data.

Email spam filtering is vital for business

A email spam filtering system is the best defence against malicious emails. At BG Technology we use Email Laundry, a company on the forefront of the email security industry. The Email Laundry allows us to filter and sift through emails, capturing spam and potential attacks before they reach your team’s inbox. As highlighted on The Email Laundry website ‘the biggest advantage of enlisting an email security service is the ability to combat both known and unknown attacks. Security software, such as antivirus, use data from previous versions attack to identify and defend against it; they can not identify or stop new attacks.’

Regular updates from the spam filter also keep employees aware of what’s out there.

‘Business email compromises (BECs) are growing in both numbers and sophistication and email security must grow with it. Every day, hackers are finding new and innovative ways to breach company emails and monetize their attacks.’

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